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First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

PreferredFirst Congregational Church of
Los Angeles

Japanese American Cultural & Community Center

PreferredJapanese American Cultural & Community Center

Los Angeles River Center & Gardens

PreferredLos Angeles River Center & Gardens

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Our Commitment to Quality

In the hands of the chef, execution will always represent many elements—knowledge, training, experience, skill, and tools—that contribute to the quality of the cuisine we serve. A vital aspect of an event’s success comes from our entire team of chefs working in concert to achieve proper execution.

Good ingredients is another aspect that is equally important to the equation. When ingredients arrive at our kitchen they are, in one sense, already finished. As chefs, all we can do is carefully select our suppliers and then work with them to ensure we get the best possible ingredients.

All that we have accomplished through the years has been made possible through developing partnerships with extraordinary purveyors. Our responsibility as chefs is to support these individuals by executing dishes that highlight and elevate the fruits of their labor.